Cryptocurrency Market In The Northern Cyprus

Cryptocurrency Market In The Northern Cyprus

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22 Aralık 2020 - 22:34

GIFA is building a holistic cryptocurrency network with a strong emphasis on enhanced user experience, better value proposition, education, and security. The GIFA platform features tokens and cryptocurrency exchange that will prove beneficial for all types of users - newcomers and veterans. GIFA Tokens will provide users an ecosystem that not only profitable but highly secure and allows them to derive the best value from their crypto interactions and transactions. Participants in the GIFA ecosystem will be able to accomplish the following:


  • Exchange the GIFA token seamlessly for other currencies or services.
  • Access cross-platform operations available on Android-Playstore, iOS-Appstore, and Web.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency on a dedicated exchange.
  • Store, send and receive cryptocurrency using a dedicated wallet.
  • Free remittance service and Transfering money globally
  • Access to a decentralized economy and highly secure financial services.

The GIFA platform also aims to provide secure banking services in the future which is more decentralized and inclusive. Users can enjoy those financial services by registering and integrating their GIFA wallet in the combination with an exchange platform for trading and also utilize the connectivity via debit cards, credit cards or other cryptocurrencies to enjoy easier payments. GIFA platform is a versatile crypto market built using the state-of-art technology, the Ethereum-based ERC-20 protocol.

The GIFA token will allow users to enjoy unparalleled utility value by helping them utilize the token to settle payments, transfer funds wherever in the world, exchange other currencies, and much more. Finally, the GIFA Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will help accelerate the development and deployment of the GIFA ecosystem in a systematic and efficient manner. 

GIFA-Group’s subsidiaries are located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), and these comprise:

(1) GIFA Consulting Limited: The principal business activity of this company is to assist its clients in the preparation of their business plans in support of their financing applications.

(2) GIFA Theme Park Limited: The objective of this company is to construct and manage a theme park. The company completed the construction of the Group’s headquarters.

(3) GIFA Retirement Homes Limited: This company is already registered and being developed as part of GIFA Holding Ltd’s strategic plans for developing and promoting several major projects (Please read the Whitepaper on our website) 

(4) GIFA Nektar Import & Export Limited: This Company is currently negotiating with a manufacturer of citrus fruit juice producer with the intent of exporting the products. GIFA Holding Limited had also completed the acquisition of “Grandex Finance Ltd.,” also a company domiciled in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. GIFA Holding has been providing finance to many businesses all over the world. GIFA has offices in Nevada, USA.

We have been supporting business acquisitions, new projects, consolidation of existing projects, development and expansion of businesses, facilitating and financing the purchasing of commodities and goods, offering consultancy services to improve corporate company structures, including helping companies and businesses to achieve quality assurance, conduct competitive analysis, establish corporate strategies, improve operational management, or consolidate and improve human resources and much more.

ADDRESS: Dr. Fazil Kucuk, Boulevard, Hamitkoy Junction, Lefkosa, Mersin 10 TURKEY 99040


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