Everything You Need To Know About GIFA Token

Everything You Need To Know About GIFA Token

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01 Mart 2021 - 00:05

GIFA Token and other altcoins on the US flag fore-background / GIFX

Business models have evolved and adapted during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis, hence challenging bad financial policies, and indeed we don't want to forget mentioning the birth of the virtual currency "crypto" such as GIFA Token that comes into existence as the promising premier digital currency for wholesale, an alternative option to fiat money (USD, EURO, GBP), and gold. 

The praxis of GIFA Token Initial Coin Distribution (ICO) has given life to an incredibly successful crowdfunding project that generated 100 million dollars for the company and its subscribers. In fact, you are not late to be on board and be part of this ambitious project. Please read the Whitepaper from the official website (www.gifatoken.com).

In this article, we are discussing some important milieus you need to know about GIFA Token and the sheer magnitude it can bring into the global economic system. In 2 years from now, we strongly believe GIFA Token will gaining legitimacy as a sought-after digital currency for business transactions, micropayments, and overtaking/displacing Western Union as the preferred remittance tool. 

GIFA Token is an online monetary system independent from governments or banks, meaning that the token transactions are direct using cryptographical functions to conduct transparent transactions, leverage the power of blockchain technology to gain decentralization and immutability. Each payment made in tokens is documented and verified through a blockchain ledger—an online, shared database. Transactions are more direct and can be completed in minutes or days, rather than the traditional closing period of weeks or months.

The token can be sent directly between two parties (peer-to-peer) via the use of secured Private and Public Keys. These transfers can be done with minimal processing fees, allowing users to avoid the steep fees charged by traditional financial institutions. Today cryptocurrencies (buy with crypto) have become a global phenomenon known to almost everyone.

By 2023, GIFX exchange aims to use GIFA Token as a medium for trading all over the world: This will allow users to buy e.g home & land, go shopping, buy cars, rent cars, holiday vacation, paying airline tickets, purchasing products abroad, etc. These outstanding billing efficiencies are part of key bundled services that will be added soon to the GIFX platform to make things easier for all users, wherever they are. 

GIFA Token will also offer crypto credit cards to the subscribers, we have recently added PayPal and still negotiating with other payment giants. Meeting these growing needs, our users will able to buy air tickets virtually before boarding a plane without interrupting their busy schedule.

Take note that those few mentioned milestones are part of the successful projects the company has made so far that attributed to some of the innovations GIFA Holding Ltd has integrated over the past years, before launching the crypto project in September 2020.

Earlier this year, the company entered into strategic partnerships with a number of local and international dealers, brands, and businesses that declare they're ready to accept GIFA cryptocurrency. There are many positive things coming up, just hold the fingers crossed!

The future is unpredictable for the corporate-backed cryptocurrency. And its popularity among the thousands of subscribers is proof of an irrational frenzy or a real sign of its ever-increasing international prevalence and market value against the dollar. 

For those who were lucky enough to purchase one GIFA Token last October at around $1.00 (One USD), their investment has grown about tenfold over the past 3 months. GIFA Token becomes a money instrument, that draws huge attraction to this digital asset not only domestic interest but from people across the globe. The GIFX exchange also allows interested parties to collaborate, especially the brands.

The lack of faith in conventional economics has driven people to invest in cryptocurrency as a global refuge against the possible collapse of the global economy. Some financial advisors, have seen the changes and now telling their clients to invest a small fraction of their money into crypto “digital gold” as a way to diversify risk and get a piece of the cryptocurrency action.  


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