Gifa Holding Announces its Credit Limit Target for 2017

Gifa Holding Announces its Credit Limit Target for 2017

Gifa Holding plans to reach a loan limit of 14 billion euros this year.

Editor: Sılay Taşkan
15 Eylül 2017 - 15:28

A written statement by Gifa Holding revealed that the company provided up to 7 billion 100 million
euros worth of finance loans in 2016, and that its target was to raise the credit limit up to 14 billion
euros in 2017.
According to the statement, GIFA has evaluated the credit demands of countries including Iran, Saudi
Arabia and Tunisia. After strongly assessing the business industry, the company decided to raise its
loan limit this year.
GIFA, who is in cooperation with internationally renowned banks, has evaluated the demands of
investors and will be able to provide them with significant loan amounts. As well as its finance
consulting services, GIFA Forex will also be on the forefront this year. Gifa Forex provides finance
guarantees unlike any of its competitors. Offering its customers six different contract options for
periods of six months or a year, GIFA Forex state there is a fixed profit share of 5% every month and
the dividends will be paid in Turkish Lira. GIFA, which also enables their customers to withdraw their
money at the end of the six-month period, will ensure a big profit for their investors in 2017.
A call center with 500 staff will be set up in Karpaz.
The statement declares that the company will continue employing staff in different sectors in 2017.
Following this direction, GIFA are establishing a call center in the Karpaz region of the TRNC. It was
announced in the statement: “While opening the 500-staff employment sector, GIFA have started to
work with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in order to develop these regions and reduce
unemployment. In fact, after completing the infrastructure works of the call center, plans have been
made to start recruiting staff in the near future and embark on the new journey,” Istanbul.


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