Step to complete KYC

  1. Step 1:  Login into your account (assume you have downloaded the App).
  2. Step 2:  Read the instruction carefully to ensure you have submitted it correctly
  3. Step 3:  Fill in all details required
  4. Step 4: Upload documents and photos
  5. Sepe 5: Then select save

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

GIFX exchange often is flooded with many queries from users whose accounts are still pending and those who submitted incomplete KYC applications: 
1. How long does it take to approve my KYC?
Answer: If you have submitted all documents correctly, the process is immediate. Reviews may also take up to 5 business days or more to complete, depending on the volume of submissions that the team receives.
2. I have written to to inquire about the status of my KYC, but did not receive any reply yet. How do I check the status? 
Answer: As described in question 1, it may take up to 5 business days or months to complete the manual review due to the increase in the submission volume.  You may make a follow-up again to inquire on the status if you did not receive the notice on the status after 5 business days. Please note that repeatedly email inquiries crowd our inbox and will lead to a longer processing duration. 
3. Do you have more tips to get a faster approval? 
Answer: What you need is to read all instructions carefully. Ensure your photos are in high resolution, clear and not cropped or blurred. Avoid wearing any accessories such as glasses in the photo. The National ID, Passport, or Driving License must be readable and clearly displaying the particulars that appear on the same mane of the account holder. For Selfie verification users must make sure they hold a paper with the word 'GIFA Token' on the same date of submission. 
4. Can I get faster approval by writing to
Answer: Every submission will be reviewed in a queue order based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Our team strives to review within the agreed timeline. However, if the volume of submission increases, more time is required. We appreciate your patience and understanding! 
5. Can I cancel and resubmit my new KYC? 
Answer: No, you will not be able to cancel your submission until your previous submission is reviewed. Please re-check your documents before confirming your submission. 
6. Can I use the same documents to submit for my GIFA Wallet accounts and GIFX exchange? If yes, how many times can I use the same KYC documents? 
Answer: Yes, you can use the same National ID, Passport, Driving License, and photos as the KYC documents for all your accounts. GIFA Token support team may conduct a random video call if necessary in addition to the KYC document as part of the KYC checking. Accounts will be suspended in several cases deleted if a person is found to be a fraud/fake. Furthermore, accounts in relation to the fraud account will also be suspended for investigation. Policies are implemented to create a safe environment for the GIFX community and investors. 
7. Can I complete KYC in a single application for both GIFA Wallet and GIFX Exchange? 
Answer: No, KYC for both application will need to be done separately as it is two different requests. However, is the same documentation required for the two accounts as described in the Terms & Conditions. KYC in GIFA Wallet App is required to authorize transactions and be able to store digital assets. For the GIFX exchange, the main trading platform that allows users to trade, buy & sell cryptocurrencies within the platform. 
8. Can we continue to use ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ if KYC has not been approved?
Answer: You cannot use the Buy & Sell feature in the app until your KYC is approved. 

You may receive 1 notification of the following 3 messages:

1. "Approved"

  • Your KYC has been accepted: The user will then automatically be redirected to the "Buy/Sell" feature.


2 "Pending"

  • Your KYC is still being processed. Please wait at least 7 days before submitting questions through the support section. 


3. "Rejected"

  • Your KYC failed. You must follow the directions to properly resubmit your KYC once more again.