GIFA Token Price Sailing All-Time Highs

GIFA Token Price Sailing All-Time Highs

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24 Mart 2021 - 23:53

With markets at all-time highs of the corporate-backed crypto, the general advice here to the new users and bonafide holders is to book more profits while the price is relatively easy to catch. This is like momentum investing, say buying stocks near all-time highs which can be a rewarding strategy at the end of the day. 

Bullish Performance

GIFA Token price has traded in a tight range this week, seeing the price fluctuating around $121.80 and back forth.  As of writing this evening, the world’s fast-growing cryptocurrency is trading near $203.90 with a market cap worth multi-million dollars. This suggests that investors are in anticipation of holding their assets for future gains. The number of new users and interested partners is rising every day, indicating a potential influx of new buyers.

GIFA Token price continues to travel in a parabolic pattern after broke the 100 marks a month ago and a mere 80.7% gain since last week. Price action is reflecting a very optimistic market that drawing new participants into GIFX's initial coin offering (ICO). ICO phase I already ended currently, ICO phase (II) is in full swing. 

Over two weeks ago, analysts have predicted that GIFA Token price will rebound off as the March period gets exhausted, yes of course the probability of dipping low has shifted up the value. Users saw the price movement from last week as the altcoin gained a negligible 2.4% increment, where the weekly volume was the lowest since December 2020. Some users hate uncertainty, particularly in the context of a downtrend. Now, they can rest assured seeing clearly undiscernible bullish performances of the token that rebounding back in its usual trends, rising high than ever before.. 

GIFA Token continues putting up resistance with the bullish rallies, its value has jumped above well-established altcoins that have been in the industry since 2013. The digital asset is now the fast-growing cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap worths multi-million dollars. 

The digital currency GIFA Token (GIFX) $203.90 is now more valuable than Litecoin (LTC) $185.14, Cardano (ADA) $29.19,  ChainLink (LINK) $ 27.27, Stellar (XLM) $ 0.395, Ripple (XRP) $ 0.56, and others. Recent performance and activity suggest GIFA Token's bulls will maintain the momentum or break a fresh upside above $300.

GIFA Token’s Price Jump

GIFA Token started last year with a price tag of $1. The corporate-backed crypto immediately registered a huge demand of more than 600% in the first two months of launch. The recent boom in the cryptocurrency industry has contributed a lot towards the jump in the price of the premier token. 

The cryptocurrency assets like Binance, ChainLink, Cardano, Theta Token, TRON, and Kusama have also postulated strong gains in 7 days. This surge in altcoins is causing a drop in the market dominance of Bitcoin (BTC). BTC’s market dominance dropped from 62% to 59.5% within the last 7 days. The world’s top 3 cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).


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