GIFA Token’s Trading Platform Upgrade & Maintenance

GIFA Token's Trading Platform Upgrade & Maintenance

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14 Temmuz 2021 - 22:44 - Güncelleme: 03 Eylül 2021 - 19:27

To enhance service efficiency, GIFA Token is kindly informing users that the Trading Platform will be temporarily down for system maintenance. We appreciate your patience and understanding on the downtime and apologize for any inconvenience may it caused due to the temporary trading disruption.

Each software and system like cryptocurrency trading platform needs updating and constant maintenance which is usually a brief, unnoticeable or extended episode. In the brave and new world of cryptocurrency, software changes and updating are quite frequent and very important as the industry of crypto trading keeps growing, and many new protocols are introduced. That's why the GIFA company has put a lot of time and energy into this upgrade. 

Today GIFA Token's exchange has thousands of traders that span from around the world relying on the service and financial products we provide and therefore we can promise them that the company is doing its level best to meet the customers' satisfaction. Currently, more features are being added to the platform, but the company has stated that these further maintenance works shall in no way affect the VIP Trading Platform's performance.  

Trading Platform has gone into maintenance due to:

  • A surge in the trading volumes. 
  • Increasing numbers of traders and users.
  • New software and protocol are available for upgrading to the new version of the blockchain ecosystem. 

It's very important to act fast in today's trading reality, that's why the company put effort into making the platform robust, most secure, and most intuitive on the market. We're sure the traders are going to feel the impact of this new upgrade undertaking. We also want to thank our thousands of customers from around the world for choosing GIFA Token. 

With a team of technicians, working behind to make sure the trading activity resumed back to normalcy. GIFA Token assuring investors that their digital assets are safe and sound. GIFA Token continues to provide cryptocurrency trading solutions to all clients, regardless of geographical location and budget. Support is granted on a 24/6 basis, via email, and a call center.  The website and mobile apps are user-friendly, making trading and investment on the go very simple for all users.

For more information especially for those who interesting in signing up for the VIP Trading Platform, please kindly contact our customer service on the contacts below:


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