GIFA: “We’re ready to open new national airline for the TRNC”

GIFA: “We’re ready to open new national airline for the TRNC”

Following a period of severe difficulties with air transportation, to and from Northern Cyprus, including Atlasjet’s reduced number of flights, President of GIFA Holding, Yusuf Kisa says, “We are ready to set up a new national airline company resembling the former Cyprus Turkish Airlines. If the government is willing, we can sit down and talk.”

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14 Nisan 2018 - 08:35

Kisa: Air transportation is a must for an island country like ours. Unfortunately, we failed to appreciate and support our national airline company in the past and caused its closure. Since then, we have had to leave our air transportation to the initiative of private companies.

Representing GIFA, Kisa says, before these negative developments in air transportation begin to cause more danger to both the country’s tourism and its citizens, he is prepared to establish a new national airline company.

“A new airline will bring back competitive ticket prices”

“Nowadays, air transportation has become a game of monopoly,” he argues, “giving anyone the right to impose whatever price they like on humanity. A new airline is a serious stab at monopolisation.”

“We’re open to any proposal from the government”

Kisa makes a point that “If the Turkish Cypriot government are serious about this subject and willing to accept a solution, we can sit down and discuss the plan. We can either merge the public and private institutions together on an idea, or GIFA is willing to carry out the project alone. At the end of the day, the purpose is for the interest and welfare of the TRNC.”


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