Food aid for families in need in Cyprus

Gifa Holding has announced that it will continue to provide food aid for families in need in the Karpaz region.

Gifa Holding plan to continue their food aid campaign for families living in the
Karpaz region in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In the company’s
statement, it was mentioned that the aid campaign started a month ago.
Yesterday, GIFA provided food to over 200 families in Buyukkonuk and
neighbouring villages. The company will continue to spread their help across to
other regions.
Families who have received GIFA’s help, such as those in Kaplica, Fazlikoy,
Zeybekkoy, Kılıtkaya,Tuzluca and Yedikonuk, have expressed their gratitude for
the company’s sensitivity and urge the government and other business owners
to show the same diligence.
In GIFA’s statement, the company announced that for the purpose of social
sensitivity, the same regular food aid provided in Karpaz shall reach out to the
Guzelyurt region too.