How Do I Profit From GIFA Token?

How Do I Profit From GIFA Token?

GIFA Token is a digital asset and exchange all-in-one designed for rapid deployment, extreme scalability, high performance, and user-friendly. GIFA exchange allows crypto brokers, fund managers, token issuers, and professional traders to quickly develop profitable revenue streams, access unlimited liquidity, and trade multiple currencies all from just one single platform

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You would need to create an account with GIFA exchange and there you would have a new GIFA wallet to transfer or buy your token/coin additional to investment. After your tokens have arrived in your new wallet you will be able to sell them and transfer them into the fiat amount (money/ currency in USD, EURO, TL, or any currency of your choice) supported by your bank account.   

  Payout Service  

  There are services that will accept cryptocurrencies for fiat (EUR, USD, CNY,...) just like bitcoin and this means you send the token from your wallet and the system will transfer the amount (minus a small fee probably less than 0.5%) to your account (or bank account of your choosing.  

   International students studying at local universities in Northern Cyprus who are having difficulty receiving money from home for school fees, or to pay for rent or other expenditure, especially from countries like Zimbabwe (due to monetary restrictions) using GIFA Token to receive money is as easy as 123. It is also much cheaper and quicker with no hidden charges as usually is the case with other Money Transfer service providers, such as Western Union.  Just download the GIFA wallet from (Androids or iOS) yourself and set up your account (ready to go), then get the sender to download the same as (Androids or iOS) as well so that they can use your digital wallet as a medium of sending and receiving the fund. Next just contact GIFA to arrange to pick up your funds in whatever currency you wish (GIFA's official opening time is from 9:30 - 17:00 during weekdays and Saturday from 9:30 - 15:30).  

  The process is pretty much same for all regions and countries. If you live in other countries or regions, our friendly Global GIFA Crypto Team is always available to lend assistance if you need. Call us now: +903926116000 (Ext 335 & 339) or email at    

 The number of crypto ATMs, as well as local traders/sellers that actively participating in cryptocurrency dealing, will increase in time to make it even more easier to buy or sell or cash your cryptocurrencies.  increasingly become very popular in most countries, so those types of crypto pawnshops you see around in the town could be the right place to sell your token /coin.   

 GIFA Holding Ltd envisages the value of GIFA Token to increase to $1000 (USD) for 1 GIFA Token by the year 2023. Already on month 5 there are over 115 million GIFA Token circulating within the Cryptocurrency World and increasing day by day. Until 2023, to protect the Company and the subscribers, GIFA Token has decided to remain off the Exchange Platforms (which on the whole still needs to introduce robust measures to protect traders and assets deposited on exchange platforms).     

  To access the feature just go to the wallet and select the amount of token you want to sell over to the appropriate address.  Remember that the token can take a while to show up in your wallet, but it you can be sure that transaction is almost always faster than the traditional banking transfers. GIFA Holding is continuing to negotiated and arrange integration of new online payment gateways (with several new providers) to enable greater choice of payment options for subscriber.  

SEPA the largest euro-denominated payment solution, making it a perfect platform for digital entrepreneurs if you have a Euro bank account. It supports Bitcoin withdrawals and funding in 36 countries. Today, you can withdrawal Bitcoin via international bank transfer, Interac e-Transfer. Overall, GIFA crypto is a well-supplied, trusted, and secure form of exchange that publishes proof of its audited fund reserves. Not to forget mention that GIFA Inc that powering the Token is listed on the US stock market, which gives GIFA Token some leverage of credibility and reliability in the industry. 

It also offers low trading fees that range between 0.15 to 0.25%, whereby the fees drop when you make bulk withdrawals. As you may have expected with a secure platform, you need to verify your identity. When you first sign up. We recommend it for all our clients who need a secure and reliable method to set up digital wallets that link to their bank accounts. 

Digital assets as the currency of future 

Globitex is building next-generation financial infrastructure for the digital asset world. By combining digital exchanges with a licensed e-money institution to ensuring that the crypto trader or company is no longer required to have a bank account at a legacy financial institution to do their business. With Globitex you can do it all from converting digital assets into fiat currency to sending fiat directly to another exchange for arbitrage as well as making fiat payments to your suppliers or employees.  


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