I Rather Hold My GIFA Token Than Sell

I Rather Hold My GIFA Token Than Sell

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23 Mayıs 2021 - 23:30

People dream of hitting a lucky jackpot, but the odds of winning a lottery are about 1 in 258.9 million. Forget the lottery then... How about making a fortune in cryptocurrencies like GIFA Token (GIFX)? 


The media is full of stories about people like Terrance J. Leonard, Glauber Contessoto, and many more who became millionaires overnight when they bought the cryptocurrency at the time the price of the coin worth the cup of ice cream, but begun to earn 100 times extra when the value went up extraordinary. 

How to maximize ROI from GIFA Token?

If you want to ripe a profit from GIFA Token, the best way is to invest in this class asset (given a specific dip period like now while the market price affordable.  Investors should consider diversified portfolios of a variety of asset classes. This means, of course, that you won't be relying only on one single cryptocurrency alone, but rather on the wealth you have made in your calibrated investments.

Try not to get caught up in cryptocurrency phobia, as it's too early to predict accurately what will be the future currency and which type of cryptocurrency will dominate the industry in 12 years to come.  You don't want to discover 10 years later during your retirement -- that the cryptocurrency market is worth over 100 trillion dollars. And your $50,000 of GIFA Token now, could be worthed $1 million. 

"I will not sell any of my GIFA Token" one GIFX user on Reddit, implying to hold the corporate-backed-crypto. Many cryptocurrency owners they're holding on because they see the potentials of becoming even richer. Plus, they may make a loss if they sell now.

Another aspect is that putting all your eggs in one basket. If that basket falls, all your eggs will be destroyed. When you diversify your investment you can maintain a wide range of cryptocurrency portfolios from different exchanges and asset classes. That's a time-tested strategy that helps people build a foundation based on solid wealth. Relying on one volatile asset like Bitcoin will most likely not bring you the security you need when you want to grow the passive income.

GIFA Token price has soared by over 900% during the last 6 months and again dip with 70% from the highest peak of $532 to $32.8. It expected that the price will rebound back again once the trading platform is open to all users.


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