Kisa’s generous contribution to disadvantaged children

Kisa's generous contribution to disadvantaged children

Yet again fulfilling his social responsibility to the Turkish Cypriot community, GIFA’S President Yusuf Kisa made a substantial contribution to a campaign held for children in need.

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24 Ocak 2018 - 10:10 - Güncelleme: 24 Ocak 2018 - 10:13

The campaign titled, “A Sunday Event with Children”, hosted by the Aphrodisiac Organisation, will take place for underprivileged children as a positive entrance into the New Year.

The event will be held at 1pm on Christmas Eve at Ataturk Sports Hall, Nicosia.

Kisa’s generous contributions

Director of the Aphrodisiac Organisation, Umut Madenoglu visited Kisa to thank him for his involvement, including his donation of lavish gifts and transportation for the special day. Madenoglu highlighted Kisa’s continuous support to the Turkish community and fulfilment of his social obligation to children and families in need.  

Yusuf Kisa: “We will fully support our future generation”

The GIFA President stated he would stand behind any disadvantaged person in need of his help. GIFA Holding make it their priority to give back to the Turkish Cypriot community in every possible way. Particularly in the case of children, Kisa expressed that he is always ready to contribute to projects and fundraisers.

Activities on the day

Madenoglu stated that various demonstrations and activities will take place at the event. The busy programme will be hosted by performing arts coach of Malatya City Theatre, Rusen Mert Amanat. Traditional Turkish shadow play characters, Karagoz and Hacivat, along with the Turkish story teller Meddah, Santa Claus, magicians and clowns will be showcased at the event.  Children will also be entertained with music, performances and various competitions throughout the day.

Confetti Music Group and Eminegul Aygunler will dazzle the stage with exciting performances. Children will be able to dance and enjoy the day as a great start to a New Year.   

Other contributors 

Mustafa Yucener from Cypro Chips, Candan Avunduk from Avunduk Dairy Products, Yıldız Garage, Malatya City Club, Kaan Motors, Hasan Aydın from Ada Et Meat Products, Koop-Milk, Guven Insurance, Serim Company and GAU will be among the companies contributing to the event.


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