‘ROBIN HOOD’ OF CYPRUS Empire owner takes inexperienced staff...

‘ROBIN HOOD’ OF CYPRUS Empire owner takes inexperienced staff under his wing

Taking your first leap into the world of work can be a daunting thing. On a mission to tackle unemployment in the TRNC, President of GIFA chain, Yusuf Kisa, supports students and ‘inexperienced’ individuals by training them under a team of experts.

Editor: Huseyin1 Erdamar
30 Ocak 2018 - 14:17

President of GIFA, Yusuf Kisa, known as the TRNC’s real-life ‘Robin Hood’, has set up an employment scheme for newly graduated students and individuals taking their first step into the professional world.

“Unemployment is a big issue in the TRNC,” says Kisa, “It can be a draining and disheartening thing to study hard for a qualification and not get a job in your chosen profession. With GIFA’s long chain of sub-companies operating in a variety of sectors, we believe in taking on raw talents and providing them with the training they need to give them a head start in their working life.”

“Some employers choose the easy way out by only accepting highly-experienced professionals, but we believe everyone must start somewhere. Raw talents with passion and drive just need someone to believe in them and guide them in the right direction.”

Yusuf Kisa, owner of over 20 companies under the GIFA name, was selling bread in a bakery and grafted hard before starting up his multimillion dollar company.

Now taking on new staff on a weekly basis, Kisa provides supervised training, good salaries, and flexible schedules for GIFA employees. It has also been said that Kisa provides company cars to staff travelling from long distances to get to work.

 “At GIFA, we believe in taking care of our company’s representatives. We regularly take on new employees based on their skills and abilities, more so than their previous experiences. As a leading company, we thrive on fresh minds and innovative ideas. It is our greatest mission to tackle unemployment in the TRNC and give new talents a supportive platform.”   


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