The Value Of GIFA Token

The Value Of GIFA Token

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21 Aralık 2020 - 22:32

Turkish Bank notes embroidered by GIFA Token crypto / Science Techniz

The value of GIFA Token is equivalent to 1$ (One USD), this digital currency is decentralized and is not controlled by any central authorities or bank. The Token is based on thousands of computers worldwide that validate transactions via a secure system. GIFA Token set to open the door for more efficient cross border funds transfer and remittances.

In an ongoing plan to forge a new partnership, with other Finch sectors and global nodes in other countries in Africa, Asia, Latin, Middle East, and Europe this partnership will increase GIFA service capabilities while improving transaction speeds under a secure environment. In addition, the service will be offered at a lower cost, (therefore) helping satisfy fast-rising demands for better international fund transfers. The token will make SWIFT and Western Union obsolete.
GIFA Token features
  • A global currency that not linked to a particular geographical location and can be treated as a local currency. It is not linked to a particular country or central bank.
  • Confidentiality and privacy: As it is distinguished from other currencies traded, it is not subject to supervision by banks and financial institutions.
  • Low fees: Because there is no need for a mediator between the buyer and the seller to transfer the money, the currency is not transferred, only the currency code is removed from the buyer’s wallet, to enter the seller’s wallet.
  • Scarcity: It is designed to prevent any cancelation of transactions or actions, and is released collectively over the network.
  • A person can exchange GIFA tokens seamlessly for other currencies or services.
  • Cross-platform operations as GIFA is available on Android, iOS, and Web.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency on a dedicated exchange.
  • Store, send and receive cryptocurrency using a dedicated wallet.
  • Access to a decentralized economy and highly secure financial services.
The value of GIFA Token

GIFA exchange rate is not fixed and varies from time to time according to the supply and demand that governs cryptocurrency trading. GIFA provides users an ecosystem that is highly secure and allows them to derive the best value from their interactions. GIFA Cryptocurrency. Exchange Platform and GIFA Token provide anyone or any business with the opportunity to trade, instantly invest, transfer and exchange with other lead cryptocurrencies or move money to anywhere in the world.


Through GIFA cryptocurrency, we offer users an opportunity to create a single account which would ultimately lead to a smooth transition from the fiat into the cryptocurrency world. We aim to provide our customers with formal bank accounts that built within GIFA Token's wallet for secure token storage. We have a plan to launch a GIFA credit card that will allow our clients to perform their daily banking needs.


Cryptocurrency Exchange

GIFA platform features a multi-currency crypto exchange and wallet in one place that will prove beneficial for all types of users - new and veteran. This trading platform enables users to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies easily. Additionally, this is a unified platform that supports fiat-to-crypto transactions, thereby benefiting the users tremendously. The exchange services also support cross-platform functionality. This way, the user can access trading services on their Android and iOS devices as well. Finally, premium security features are enforced with the 2FA verification, multi-sig wallets, etc. to protect the user’s data and funds against instances of hacking.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

In addition to the multi-cryptocurrency exchange, GIFA also features a cryptocurrency wallet. This product allows users to store and manage their funds securely and efficiently on the blockchain protocol.



The GIFA cryptocurrency wallet supports a number of top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc., besides the GIFA token. Additionally, the wallet allows cross-platform function, thus allowing users to access their funds from any place, device - desktop or mobile. 
GIFA wallet users will enjoy the following advantages:
  • ● Low fees
  • ● User-friendly UI
  • ● Top-notch security features
  • ● Support for multiple cryptos and fiat currencies
  • ● Complete control over all functions
  • ● Access to other financial services such as banking, debit cards, etc.

The main purpose of the GIFA multi-currency wallet is to unlock easy access to crypto-based payments and transactions for the common user. By possessing a simple UI and rich features, the GIFA wallet will bring the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain to everybody.



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