Where Can I Buy GIFA Token?

Where Can I Buy GIFA Token?

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17 Mayıs 2021 - 23:41

GIFX exchange supports many countries and regions, allowing customers in almost every country to buy GIFA Token online. The exchange charge zero fees when you purchase. Customers in a country with payment restrictions can purchase GIFA Token directly with a bank transfer, or deposit. 

It has been quite a rough ride for pretty much everyone including the crypto industry, there is no denying that the crypto industry has recently been on the receiving end of some insanely bullish market action and also presumed by volatility and liquidity at the same time, especially over the course of the last 6 months.

Where can I buy GIFA Token?

  • From GIFX web or App
  • From GIFA Token HODLers
  • At GIFA Crypto Center and offices (T.R.N.C)
  • From local crypto brokers that trading GIFA Token

To put things into perspective, since the start of 2021 alone, the total market capitalization of the digital asset sector saw the value risen from approximately $780 billion to $2.4 trillion, exhibiting insane growth of over 200%, and over 380 billion went into liquidity.  Many crypto investors have seen their portfolios increase manyfold, giving them access to spare capital that they can use to take a much-deserved enjoyment and plunder they may wish for.

Want to buy GIFA Token? 

There are some pros and cons almost in all countries when buying cryptos with a credit card and buy through a trusted broker that may charge the highest fees. GIFX exchange has made this process of buying and selling digital assets as easy and accessible as possible. The exchange provides a secure platform to buy and sell crypto and rewards frequent traders with generous discounts and commissions. 

Sign Up: Registering with the exchange is faster, you only need to provide authentic details of your full (1) legal name, (2) create a strong password, (3) choose your country of residence, and (4) verify your account. Verification normally takes 10 to 30 minutes to complete.

Upload Funds: If you’re wondering whether you can buy GIFA Token with a credit card, yes you can! the exchange got flexible payment methods. Go to the website, make a purchase thereafter it would be processed and the digital assets added to your account immediately. 

Some of the most common problems that slow down the verification process include:

  • Image quality is too poor.
  • The full document is not visible. (The image should show all 4 corners.)
  • The image file size is too big. (It should be under 8MB, jpg, png, and other supported formats.)
  • Either application form incomplete that results in the account being flagged invalid.

To avoid those delays, make sure you have valid identification, a clear photo, and submit the required documents. While some customers have complained about this verification process, it is an important part of  GIFX’s broader commitment to security. It’s also standard practice for any exchange that complies with Anti-Money Laundering laws and identity theft. The cryptocurrency exchange seeks to set itself apart by offering the easiest, fastest, and most secure buying and selling options of any crypto exchange.

It offers the following services and functionalities:

  • Buy and sell 6 major cryptocurrencies. The current options include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, GIFA Token, Tether, and Dogecoin. More will be added as time goes on.
  • Instant transactions. After your order is placed, you should see your digital assets in your wallet within 10 minutes. You’ll be able to track the status of your order through your GIFA Wallet.
  • Referral programs. GIFX awards customers who brought in a new member. You start at level 1, which has no added benefits.

GIFX exchange provides a crypto wallet and doesn't need to get a crypto wallet from a third-party provider in order to receive, send or hold the token that you have just purchased. It provides a really thorough and easy-to-follow guide on their YouTube channel that shows you how to create an account and purchase GIFA Token. 

The advantages are: There are no monthly membership fees or other regular surcharges, and the exchange doesn't have a complicated fee structure that applies to each transaction. It’s generally in line with—and sometimes cheaper than—what other crypto exchanges charge but a little more transparency about fees thus it makes GIFX's service a lot better. 

Here are the benefits when buying and bringing in a new member:

  • Earn a recurring 10% commission on every purchase made by your referrals
  • Up to 35% discount on every purchase (during promotion period)

While the ability to use credit or debit cards to buy crypto is convenient, it’s not cheap. You can get around this fee by using direct bank transfers which GIFX exchange doesn’t charge any additional fees for. The Northern Cyprus-based exchange takes pride in offering one of the most responsive and accessible customer support teams. This is notable because customer service can be a weak point in a lot of fintech services, especially trading platforms. You can get in touch with them via support@gifatoken.com. However, there are multiple channels for customers to reach out through. Those channels include:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Office walk-in

Whichever channel you use, you can expect an answer within 24 hours. For those who need assistance with their account verifications and etc.

If you need general help with buying, selling, or learning about crypto, you can also check out the Message box on the official website www.gifatoken.com.  Or send an email at info@gifatoken.com to learn more about how GIFX’s exchange works as well as how cryptocurrency works more broadly. The team will be glad to hear from you!

The platform is both available on the web and App (Androids and iOS). The site is fully mobile-friendly and easy-to-use, so buying and selling will be just as easy on a phone or tablet.  Your digital assets are kept in a secure wallet, and the secret key is only known by yourself, so no need to worry. Crypto traders looking for the convenience and dedicated crypto app, GIFX is the right place you could choose. Especially, for traders who prioritize keeping their payment data secure and minimizing their exposure to hackers or scams.

Some of the features that set GIFX exchange apart from platforms like it include:

  • Instant transactions. When you buy or sell cryptocurrency on the platform, your orders are filled by GIFX’s own supply. This means the coins will land in your wallet within about 10 minutes. 
  • Safety. Security is one of the standout features of GIFX exchange’s service. Direct buying and selling on the platform offer instant transactions also make your transactions more secure. 
  • Flexibility. The exchange allows you to pay via credit card, debit card, bank account transfer, and PayPal.
  • More accessible. Servicing users in over 202 countries, the exchange has a global reach and it’s one of the few that supports so many countries.
  • Responsive customer support. This might be the most unique offer from the exchange.

GIFX exchange is a reputable platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency that’s been in operation since 2020. To ensure the security of its users, the platform does not store your credit or debit card details in its system. It also never holds onto your funds, since they are in your wallet.  When you buy, your digital assets are transferred to your wallet within the hour. 

When you sell, the USD or EURO cash is deposited directly into your bank account that links to your wallet. The platform has many security features that circumvent and fix vulnerable loopholes in the transaction so that your trade is secure as well as your assets, whether tokens or cash, are never exposed to the threat of hackers.

GIFX exchange is a Northern Cyprus-based crypto platform and a financial service company, GIFX thrives on the idea of decentralized finance. It aims to drive out intermediaries such as traditional banks, which come with hidden fees.


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