Why Trade Cryptocurrencies With GIFX Exchange?

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies With GIFX Exchange?

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14 Mayıs 2021 - 15:34

GIFX exchange gives you maximum exposure to the most profitable coins and tokens available in the market. The emergence of digital currency has been cropping our minds and has grabbed our attention towards its emergence in the 21st century, where it’s surprising to track how technology has taken over most of the traditional methods and services and replace them with a convenience that’s just a click away! 

Today it’s no wonder how people have shifted from old currency exchange methods to digital currency, and e-wallets to adopt a cashless society. One of such digital currencies that have taken the market by storm is the  “GIFA Token
GIFX offers investors and traders an opportunity to buy and sell a wide range of cryptos.


GIFA Token (GIFX) is a ‘decentralized currency’ that has no government, financial institutions, or central authority to govern over it. It is a digital cryptocurrency meaning it’s intangibly available digitally, and there is no physical form present. It uses blockchain technology (data stored in blocks sequenced one after other).

Why trade cryptocurrencies with GIFX? 

  • Trade rising and falling prices on leverage to make the most of volatility
  • Improved liquidity means there’s more chance of executing your trade at your chosen price
  • Preserve your capital with guaranteed earnings
  • Safely and easily deposit funds. We’re an international corporate company
  • Speculate on 6 major cryptocurrencies and get broad exposure
  • Trading GIFX in an environment with reduced risk


Cryptocurrencies you can trade on GIFX exchange

Trading Pairing


  1. BTC - ETH
  2. ETH - BTC


  1. ETH - USDT
  2. USDT -ETH


  1. BTC - USDT
  2. USDT - BTC


  1. XRP - BTC
  2. BTC - XRP


  1. XRP - ETH
  2. ETH - XRP


  1. XRP - USDT
  2. USDT - XRP


  1. LTC - BTC
  2. BTC - LTC


  1. LTC - ETH
  2. ETH - LTC


  1. LTC - USDT
  2. USDT - LTC


  1. XRP- LTC
  2. LTC - XRP


  1. GIFX - DOGE
  2. DOGE - GIFX


  1. ETH - DOGE
  2. DOGE - ETH


  1. BTC - DOGE
  2. DOGE - BTC


  1. XRP - DOGE
  2. DOGE - XRP



  1. DOGE - USDT
  2. USDT - DOGE

Trading GIFA Token is similar to online trading of other goods; simply to put it straight forward, it is the buying and selling or exchange of commodities, and here; the commodity is GIFA Token and other supported cryptos. Online trading is associated with risks just like investing in stocks; thus, it is essential to have knowledge in this field and to know how to trade any cryptocurrency successfully using various trading strategies.

Most professional traders know this! Traders usually follow some work styles with their trades, for example, some are day traders meaning that they buy and sell on a daily basis. Traders employ some tactics of an alarm clock that just needs input and then wait for the right time to ring! You should know when it's the right time to trade and when it's the time to observe the market. 

Accepting payments

One can simply calculate the current market value of GIFA Token measured in (USD). The platform accepts popular payment methods, and users must familiar with the use of the exchange in combination with the wallet. GIFA Token has gained a lot of value and worth because the GIFX community wholeheartedly welcoming every new opportunity that possesses the ability to reshape and produce income in an easy way possible, and thus, it won’t be wrong to assume that digital currency is the new trend that distributes wealth to the masses! It is tangible to say that the rough terrain has been chartered and that DeFi is here to stay.

With a solid foundation formed, the time has come for serious investors to enter the realm of decentralized finance. And with them comes the increase in demand for bona fide financial products and services. 

The current value of all cryptocurrency markets is over $2.5 trillion, and as traditional financial markets begin to feel the pressure of a declining global economy, investors all over the world are turning their attention to the rapidly expanding decentralized alternative. This increase in demand has opened the market to the idea of accommodating some of the more complex instruments that have previously only existed within the traditional financial industry.

How will it work?

The trading platform will provide a variety of digital currencies, each made up of select trade pairs from different cryptocurrencies: Example GIFX to DOGE  and vice versa DOGE to GIFX. Users will be able to buy and sell the token on the exchange platform. Holding the GIFA Token will be the only prerequisite to gaining access to the platform.

Platform Features

  • The Exchange: The platform is essentially a decentralized exchange where users will be able to buy and sell the wide range of cryptos available. After connecting GIFA Wallet, users will be able to: place market orders; place limit orders; view their portfolio; and trade history; and follow all of their favourite cryptos closely, enjoying the full range of available statistical data for each activity. 
  • Users will also be able to chart all listed pairs on time frames. 
  • The platform, available in all modes, with a range of charting tools and indicators.
  • Low Fees: Rather than paying multiple transaction fees (for example) to purchase different cryptos, the GIFX platform, allows investors to purchase many cryptos for just 1 transaction fee. With the increasingly high fees on various networks (not mentioning any names!), traders often have to allocate inordinate quantities of their available capital toward fees.  Meaning that more of your money will be actively invested, rather than consumed by the transaction fees.



GIFX exchange has chosen to lead the crypto revolution. Utilizing the immutability of the blockchain, developing a secure DeFi and trading platform with limitless scalability, providing users with access to tokens across multiple networks worldwide. The much-awaited of opening the platform will allow users to access and actively enjoyable trading. 

This ground-breaking GIFX trading platform will provide better utility for the GIFX  ecosystem. We are determined to unbox the trading system like never before, the GIFX exchange will unveil a unique platform for the entire community that so hungry for such innovation. The GIFX Platform boasts some elegant features at your disposal.


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