"NEVER AGAIN"! What A Fraud, What a HYPOCRICY!
Hassan Vahib

Hassan Vahib

"NEVER AGAIN"! What A Fraud, What a HYPOCRICY!

20 Mayıs 2021 - 14:18

The world said “NEVER AGAIN” after the defeat of Hitler and his Nazi ambitions which killed and destroyed millions of lives, including the lives of over 5 million children. “NEVER AGAIN” cried the so-called ‘world leaders’ after the truth and horrific evidence from the Nazi concentration camps and the atrocities that took place during the 2nd World War came to light and shook the world.

Looking back now, it appears that the tears of the so called ‘world leaders’ at the time, were nothing less than crocodile tears.

Since the 2nd World War, 13 million children have been killed, murdered, mutilated and their lives destroyed in conflicts, regional wars, poverty and over 20 million children are caught up in violent conflicts in the Central African Republic, Iraq, Afganistan, South Sudan, Palestine, Syria, Myanmar, Ukraine and Turkey – including those internally displaced or living as refugees. Globally, an estimated 230 million children currently live in countries and areas affected by armed conflicts (UNICEF), not forgetting the millions of children forced to live (or survive) under poverty and inhuman conditions.

Sadly, the state of the world's children once again reflects the terrible symmetry of the 2nd World War and today. Children continue to be killed and maimed (physically as well as psychologically), children being raped, subjected to all forms of abuse, thrown into mass graves, children who have been torn away from their parents, isolated and alone, or wasting away in refugee camps, children brutalized into being ‘killers’ themselves and forced to survive (if they can) under inhuman conditions and much more. All this after the “NEVER AGAIN” promise. What a hypocrisy what a nonsense.

Palestine, Myanmar, Bosnia, Liberia, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and the list goes on.

But it’s happening right now, in Palestine, in Gaza we are witnessing the very atrocities against civilians and against children, once associated with Nazi Germany and the Nazi concentration camps. The shocking fact is that these atrocities in Gaza today are carried out by the very people, the State of Israel, who at every opportunity goes to every length to remind the world of the atrocities against her own people by the Nazi Germany.

The hypocritical and two-faced world leaders today are the same leaders who solemnly promised “NEVER AGAIN” in the aftermath of World War II, and promised to ‘engrave in stone’ the international human rights system to protect humanity and to protect every individual from the atrocities and human rights violations. The horrors of the Holocaust, which we continuously get reminded of was supposed to unite the world in support of ‘right to life’ and ‘right to human dignity’, minimum standards of  human rights for all human beings. WHAT A HYPOCRISY, WHAT A FRAUD.

Human rights were supposed to have been given weight by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was later made enforceable in Europe under the Human Rights Convention. But what is happening in the world today shows that the world’s promise of “NEVER AGAIN” was just an empty rhetoric with little or no meaning.

I say this, those who call themselves and are considered as the “world leaders” clearly have blood in their hands and are as guilty of the atrocities, human rights violations against humanity and against children taking place today, as the atrocities of the Nazi Germany and the fascism threatening the humanity during the 2nd World War, BUT for everyone else, if you choose to remain silent today, play the ‘3 monkeys’  and ‘sip your Starbucks’, question your soul and conscience.

Of the 219 people who have been killed in Gaza this month alone, 20th May 2021, at least 63 are children, according to UN reports.


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